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UK Online Betting

The world of punters is thankful for the technology to come to its aid and help in playing games from the comforts of their homes itself. It is true that these casinos are now available online and even as a mobile app for the players’ convenience. The UK based casinos are also creating waves online, and the punters cannot stop raving about the joys of UK sports betting that they can now place with ease.

This page compare the best bookmakers available, with reviews and bonuses offers.

Top Betting sites for 2019

All Sites are: UK Licensed Secured & Trusted Fast Withdrawals Advertiser Disclosure

All Sites are: UK Licensed Secured & Trusted Fast Withdrawals Advertiser Disclosure

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Online Betting in the UK - The State of the Online Betting in United Kingdom for 2019


Online betting in United Kingdom has come a long way from being just a hub for bookmakers or bookies to get their coupons and bet on behalf of these punters. Today, the online casinos in the UK have become more direct, more transparent and very efficient.

Earlier, whatever was the figure like; things have definitely started looking better for the gamblers who are betting at the sporting events. Though the US market for sports betting is there, the UK online betting markets are equally if not more successful and thriving.

For the period of one the financial year of 2017-18, the dog race turnoff has been around 1.13 pounds in Great Britain alone. This just shows that the reach and popularity of sports betting market is on a high. It also shows the potential it has for other markets with the World Cup 2018  and other major events coming up for punters to have a roll.

Likewise, the online betting market has seen a growth of 10.1% as per the UK Gambling Commission. The reports just also show the actual height it can reach soon.

Most Popular UK Sports Betting Markets

Bookmakers like Mr Green SportKaramba or 888 Sport are aimed at the sports markets featuring the sporting events and races well-liked in Ireland, and the other countries. Among the top games, there are definitely football ( Champions League, Premier League , World Cup are among the most popular events ) , and tennis ( Wimbledon, Roland Garros..).

There are markets for cricket and rugby too that focuses on top events of international repute. Then, of course, there comes the horse racing having great draws and cool odds to challenge your prediction abilities.

Is Online Betting Legal in the United Kingdom?

Among the challenges that continue to haunt the markets, the prevalence of the underground illegal betting market might appear to threaten the very roots of this industry. As per reports, every year, the illegal gamblers accept and deal with as much as £110bn in the UK sports betting. This has given rise to the urgency in creating secure methods and the option of legalizing sports betting online.

United Kingdom regulates and licenses online casinos for sports betting. While the previous regulations had a few loopholes, the UKGC’s new regulations from 2014 ensured that all the online casino sites had to register themselves as of October 2014.

Under this regulation, each of the casino sites would have to get separate licenses for each of their sections. That is they would need to acquire a license for slot games, for poker, for sports betting and so on. Today, players can easily go for making legal sports bets on eSports, tennis, football, and races with ease. The punters can go for in-play, parlays, and other types of sports bets online.

Therefore, the next time a punter wishes to bet at UK Sports casino online, all that he has to do is to register at these casinos that have got licenses from UK Gambling Commission. UK online betting on any other site will not be safe.